Are you having a bad day today? And more likely – are you blaming yourself for it? When I was doing this video/post, I was having a bad day myself.

But yet here I am – I survived. You will survive too.

See, here’s the thing with having a crappy day: Bad days are generally treated as something that’s not supposed to happen.

Some people believe that if you meditate daily and if you take proper care of yourself mentally & physically, then you’ll never feel bad again in their life.

And this is where you’re wrong. Bad days will happen regardless of what you do – or don’t do. Don’t let your brain guilt-tripping you here.

You can’t completely eliminate bad days out of your life – but you can learn how to handle bad days like a champion. Keep reading on to see what I do whenever I feel blue and what you can do for an instant mood boost!

Why take care of yourself EVEN if you will still have bad days?

As I said, you can meditate as long as you want, you can eat the healthiest food on the planet and you can work out until exhausted.

And you know what? You’ll still feel horrible on some days. You will have bad days and bad emotions no matter how much you try to avoid them.

But you know what matters? To realize, even on the bad days, that good days and good emotions will soon follow.

Once you set out on your spiritual journey, a wonderful thing happens:

You start being able to tell your emotions apart. And that’s where all the magic happens.

Here’s a recent video of me where I had a really bad day:

What can you do on a bad day?

Now that we know that we can’t run away & hide from our bad days, let’s see what we can do about them!

· Identify what you are feeling

You can’t fight something if you don’t know what it is that you’re fighting against. So take a deeper look behind all sadness and try to define what it is that you’re feeling on your bad day.

Is it anxiety or depression? Are you feeling sad or lonely? Is there a bigger issue that you’re trying to shove under the carpet?

It won’t be easy but you’ve got to be honest with yourself.

On my bad days, I often have anxiety.

My anxiety lives in my hands and in my legs. I’m shaking my leg or I’m rolling my hands without stopping whenever I’m anxious. Other people feel their anxiety in their throats or in their chests. Some people even get headaches that don’t go away.

Identifying where you physically feel different emotional states might help you identify emotions faster in the future.

· Define why are you feeling the way you’re feeling

Once you know what it is that you’re feeling, ask yourself: why am I feeling this?

At first, your mind won’t know how to respond but the more you do this, the better you’ll get at this.

In the video I shared with you, I was having a bad day because my favorite coworker told me she’s leaving town. That probably triggered my abandonment issues and made me sad.

But as you can tell yourself on the video, the minute I realized what’s wrong with me, I instantly felt better – only because I wrapped my mind around the fact that this feeling will eventually go away!

More tips for overcoming bad days:

Here are some other things I like to do whenever I’m feeling yucky.

· Go out for a walk – even a trip to your closest park will help you tremendously!

· Play a dance song aloud – and dance to it!

· Drink plenty of water – it’ll make the headache go away!

· Meditate, meditate, meditate – it will only calm yourself down!

· Distract yourself – watch an episode of your favorite TV show or read a chapter of a book.

Anything will do!

But the most important thing is to forgive yourself.

You’re not feeling bad because of something that you did or didn’t do.

Bad days happen to everyone.

What’s important to remember is that bad days & bad feelings will go away sooner than you think.

And tomorrow is another day to feel better.

What do you do on a bad day? Do you try and find comfort in the little things? Share with me in the comments and let me know how you get through your bad days!