Intuition is Your Superpower

Instincts are hardwired deep into your brain. Intuition is a skill, something that can be learned, awaken from within, and polished - until you’re able to rely on it fully with confidence. There are no predators in the 21st century - and not many feel the need to keep their intuition sharp.

Your intuition knows what’s best for you - even if sometimes, it takes a while for your mind to catch up.

Your intuition can take you places - only if you trust yourself a bit more.

And your intuition is your superpower.

The reason I wrote this book is that I want to encourage you to access your intuition more—use it to help yourself understand and discover your inner and outer world, and the relationship between the two.

In this book, you will:

Learn what your body is trying to tell you through your aches and pain, learn the basic Body Wisdom interpretations,find out what the tightness in your chest could be about. Pick up practical and interesting exercises to help you connect with your intuition and see how intuitive you really are. This will be fun, I promise!

Are you ready to harness your intuition?


Since I was a teenager, I have battled with not knowing what my life’s purpose is. During my pivotal teenage years my father abandoned my family and he and never turned back. This event shaped my relationships with myself, with men, and how I interact with the World. For decades I woke up dreading the day each and every day. During this time no drugs, no man, and no amount of money could save me.

Although I struggled to find myself, I always had a fascination for understanding human behavior and the human language. In college I studied Sociology for my Bachelors and have a Masters in Information Technology. But, I didn’t understand how they both intersected until I started working in Silicon Valley with software engineers and data scientists. Working in this environment was like an experimental playground and gave me insight into how analytical people perceive things. I was compelled to bridge the data scientist left brain thinking with more right brain emotional intelligence.

In 2015, I officially hit rock bottom. I was in a toxic 5 year relationship and working in Silicon Valley where I felt that all my relationships were transactional and lacked true authenticity. On the flip side, the company I was working for was purchased for one Billion dollars and...YA, I made some nice money. But, during this time where I should have been jumping for joy I was drowning with sorrow and lacked complete optimism in life.

In the thick of my darkness, I felt compelled to research more about happiness and it felt that everywhere I turned I kept bumping into the benefits of practicing Meditation.

It was clear...only me, myself and I...Bernadette Balla, could create my own positive transformation and my own meaning in life.

Now after three years of meditation everyday, I have a new understanding that life isn't black and white, it's grey. There is always a silver lining and a lesson to learn from pain and suffering.

Through my stories and life experiences, I want to empower young adults to find their inner connection and to find their inner self power.

My goal is to help everyone find the balance between:

Selfish vs Selfless

Ego vs Emotion

Silicon vs Spirit

Misunderstood vs Meditation

Confusion vs Consciousness

Money vs Inner Peace

Selfish vs Selfless

Your Guide To Spirituality,

Bernadette Balla, The Modern Soul

The purpose of this guide is to help YOU, the reader, get in touch with your intuition.

Feel free to print it out and write down everything as you go. You can also keep it as a file in your phones, tablets, and laptops.

There are ten days in this guide.

Think of it as a ten-day challenge you’re getting into. I purposefully kept it short enough so you stay motivated throughout but also, long enough to allow you to slowly embrace all of the methods I’ve picked out for you.

Each day, you will have a different goal that ultimately, will bring you to your final goal – being able to use your intuition daily.

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