The purpose of this guide is to help YOU, the reader, get in touch with your intuition.

Feel free to print it out and write down everything as you go. You can also keep it as a file in your phones, tablets, and laptops.

There are ten days in this guide.

Think of it as a ten-day challenge you’re getting into. I purposefully kept it short enough so you stay motivated throughout but also, long enough to allow you to slowly embrace all of the methods I’ve picked out for you.

Each day, you will have a different goal that ultimately, will bring you to your final goal – being able to use your intuition daily.

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For the longest time, from my adolescence to early-thirties, I battled with finding my life purpose. I didn’t know what it was, or what it was supposed to be.

During my pivotal growing-up years, my father abandoned our family.

And I never understood why.

After that, I felt tremendously lost and empty all the time.

Doubts about everything ran wild inside my head. And I had no answers, no solutions. My self-esteem plunged. I didn’t know how to fix myself and I was cynical about my future.

My father’s leaving shaped all my future relationships: with men I dated, with the rest of the world, and most of all, with myself.

For decades, I woke up with dread hitting my gut every day. No drugs, no man, and no amount of money could save me during this period of deep gloom.

Then in 2015, I officially hit rock bottom.

I had been in a toxic five-year relationship with a man who couldn’t emotionally connect. He didn’t know how to express or establish intimacy and was very insensitive to how his actions hurt me. (I was hurt plenty of times.) With him, many things were so bottled up.

My job didn’t satisfy me, either. Working in Silicon Valley made me feel all my connections were transactional and lacked authenticity.

But the truth was, I was drowning in sorrow.

I felt unloved. I couldn’t see anything in my life near “Happy” or “Optimistic.” Nothing made me feel alive!

Bernadette Balla: Your Guide to Spirituality

In July 2016, I took the first step in establishing my brand by building my website. My Instagram and Facebook platforms soon grew as well.

I made sure to reach out to others were feeling lost, like I once was. I wanted them to know someone was there for them and that’s where I am today!

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